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Ep. 248 | Will Benson | Stay In the Game

What’s your typical first move when things aren’t going your way? …when NOTHING seems to be working? 

Here’s how most people respond: panic, complain, blame, rage in frustration. If you’re reading this and going, “Yep. That’s me,” trust me, I’m just as guilty as you are. Those responses…or I should say reactions…are a typical human response. But there’s a better way, and you and I both know it. 

That’s why I’m excited to get on the mic with a guy who knows all about dealing with things not going as planned…and we’re not just talking about a thing or two…we’re talking multiple YEARS of things not going his way. Today, I sit down with Cincinnati Reds outfielder and former 1st Round Pick, Will Benson. In our conversation, we lean HARD into the tough seasons of Will’s life and career and what he did to overcome them and get better from them. His message is all about honoring your God-given path and giving back to the communities that gave you a chance.

If you want to be more equipped to come out on top when things aren’t going your way, then lock in to today’s episode.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Three key lessons from Will’s story of being on the brink of being released to one of the hottest hitters in Major League Baseball.
  • Will’s message if you’re struggling with the gap between where you are and where you know you could be.
  • Will’s advice regarding constructive criticism and then implementing it.
  • The power of process-focused goals, daily routines, and the pursuit of mastery.
  • The impact of fatherhood on Will’s life and career.


  • “There’s going to be a time where you fail you, so find someone to help keep you going.” – Will Benson
  • “Stay focused on the process.” – Will Benson
  • “Fear and anxiety is great. Lean into it.” – Will Benson



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