I wake up everyday to empower committed high-performers to live joyfully and lead intentionally so they can win frequently - at home, on the field, with their teams, in business and in life!


My Story



I know what it feels like to know there’s a next level in you, you team, or your organization, but you’re just too overworked, overwhelmed, and distracted from the things that matter most. For years, I struggled to find fulfillment in my professional and personal life, despite being at the top of my professional game. Any success I had came at the expense of my faith, health, and my most cherished relationships.

My turnaround came when I first realized passion isn’t enough to be successful, and then mustered enough humility to ask for help. I found coaches who believed in me and put me on a personal and professional path that unlocked new levels of talent and skill. Since then, my life has never been the same. This is why I coach. I have a heart for equipping and empowering people, plus a process to make that work.



My life as an athlete started at 6 years old. My life as a coach and entrepreneur started at the age of 13. When most my age didn’t have a job, I caddied at Medinah Country Club for award-winning recording artists, Hall of Fame athletes, Super Bowl Champions, high-powered corporate executives and attorneys, and ultra-successful entrepreneurs—engaging with them about life, sports, and business.

During my time as a Division 1 student-athlete, the entrepreneurial and coaching bug continued to bite. And once my dream to play professional baseball was cut short because of a hip injury, it was time to put my coaching skills in action again.

I immediately started my professional career as a financial coach for Morgan Stanley. But the entrepreneur in me was in a cage. I had to get free, so I left my comfortable corporate salary to start my business and financial consulting practice. My first client was a former 20th Century Fox Executive who was overwhelmed running a small healthcare operation for his fully handicapped daughter. Within 2 years, I coached him to positive cash flow and out of tens of thousands of dollars in debt. We became so close that, years later, he was a groomsman in my wedding.


Because I believe in the power of personal and professional development, I went back to school to earn my M.B.A. and J.D. while tackling marriage, fatherhood, my business, and community commitments. Despite my busyness, I found time to coach some of the most elite college athletes in America and one of the biggest brands in the baseball industry.

In the years since I earned my graduate degrees, I’ve been laser-focused on coaching, leaning in with client after client so they, their organizations, and their families can thrive. Time after time, those organizations and high-performing individuals achieved the results they’d longed for. All told, I have been coaching and have been coached by some of the best in the world for nearly 25 years. And I’m just getting started.



Now that I’m living fulfilled and operating in my sweet spot, I get to spend quality time with my beautiful wife, Jessica, my sons Caleb and Noah, and daughter, Madison. I also get to pretend I’m still an elite athlete by crossfit training four days a week and maintaining a clean and healthy diet. As a family, we take pride in giving back to our church, community, and state through service and mentoring.



I Have the Training

In addition to decades of personal and professional experience, I have the education, training, and certifications that have taken my coaching to new levels.


B.A. Communication Studies
Minor, Business Administration


Juris Doctorate
Master of Business Administration


Certified High Performance Coach


Executive Certificate, Branding


Professional EOS Implementer


Core Values

  • Love everyone, always.
  • Be bold enough to enter difficult situations.
  • Care for yourself.
  • Give without asking for return.
  • Steward well your time, talents, treasures.


Use strategic, relational coaching to help others live joyfully, lead intentionally, and win frequently - at home and in business, sports, and life.


Help create a world where all leaders are living empowered and whose life's work is the source of generational impact.



Check Out My Story in Michael Hyatt’s New Book

Last year, world-renowned leadership mentor Michael Hyatt filmed me telling my personal and entrepreneurial story to highlight how doing things the right way enhances development. He’s also telling that story in his  book, “Your Best Year Ever.” He’s been a trusted mentor who’s shaped my direction in life and work. The influence Michael and his wife, Gail, have had on my life is beyond words.