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Ep.183 | Wednesday Recap | Nick Lowery

Sometimes there’s so many people counting on you, that it feels like the spotlight is burning you, doesn’t it? 

In some cases, the weight on your shoulders is unbearable. 

I get it. 

In today’s episode of Coming Up Clutch™️, I summarize the Top 3 nuggets from Monday’s interview with Kansas City Chiefs all-time leading scorer and member of the Chiefs Hall of Fame, Nick Lowery.

We talked about how to handle the spotlight with class and grace…and kick pressure to the curb. 

Lock in to get the summary of my interview with Nick.

[00:01 – 07:00] Nick’s BIG Three

  • #1: Nick’s mentality after missing two field goals for the Chargers his Rookie Year and getting cut
  • #2: Nick’s advice for overcoming the fear of failure and nervous butterflies
  • #3: Why EVERYONE should get out and serve

[07:01 – 08:43] Wrapping Up!

  • Make sure to listen to the full interview with Nick to get more of his wisdom and hear his BIG DOMINO
  • Take action…
    • Pick ONE of the three nuggets to work on 
    • COMMIT


“It’s not the brightness of the spotlight on you. It’s the beauty and the power of the light within you.” – Nick Lowery



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