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Ep.153 | Wednesday Recap | Dr. Stephen Galloza

When you get injured, what’s typically the recommendation from doctors?

You know it – REST.

We rest the injured area of our body so we have the proper energy needed to repair and heal the area.

Basic human anatomy, right?

But for some reason, when we have mental or emotional injuries, we’re not taking the same approach. 

We just keep working…playing…fighting through…

Problem is, just like with physical injuries, our mental and emotional healing depends on our recovery. Without recovery, we can’t fully heal.

In today’s episode of Coming Up Clutch™️, I summarize the Top 3 nuggets from Monday’s interview with top mental health expert, Dr. Stephen Galloza.

Dr. G shared his deep wisdom around overcoming past traumas and fully healing from them.

Lock in to get the summary of my interview with Dr. G.

[00:01 – 11:39] Dr. G’s BIG Three

  • #1: The keys necessary to transition from surviving to thriving after experiencing trauma
  • #2: How to proactively prevent your past traumas from wreaking havoc on your current relationship
  • #3: How to transition more effectively from things like failures, difficult conversations, or a tough day at work 

[11:40 – 13:06] Wrapping Up!

  • Make sure to listen to the full interview with Dr. G to get more of his wisdom and hear his BIG DOMINO
  • Take action…
    • Pick ONE of the three nuggets to work on 
    • COMMIT


“Rest isn’t just a good idea. It’s indispensable to living a meaningful and productive life.” – Dr. Stephen Galloza



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