Ep.156 | Wednesday Recap | Dr. Ben Rall

When it comes to healing your body, are you more likely to leverage your own physiology or an antibiotic?

If you’re anything like me, I was brought up to address illness and health with prescriptions and pills. 

I was ignorant of what those pills were doing to my long-term health…

I was also ignorant of my own body’s power to heal itself.

In today’s episode of Coming Up Clutch™️, I summarize the Top 3 nuggets from Monday’s interview with world-class health expert and the Founder of Achieve Wellness, Dr. Ben Rall.

Dr. Ben shared some staggering statistics you want to be aware of and gave us tips on how we can leverage the power of our human body to heal and recover.

Lock in to get the summary of my interview with Dr. Ben.

[00:01 – 07:22] Dr. Ben’s BIG Three

  • #1: The key behind Dr. Ben going from rock bottom to building the largest clinic in country in 18 months
  • #2: How your health plays a critical role in achieving your purpose
  • #3: What we need to wake up to about our health and healing, especially in today’s world of pills, prescriptions, and shortcuts 

[07:23 – 09:06] Wrapping Up!

  • Make sure to listen to the full interview with Dr. Ben to get more of his wisdom and hear his BIG DOMINO
  • Take action…
    • Pick ONE of the three nuggets to work on 
    • COMMIT


“The greatest pharmacy in the world is inside of your body right now.” – Dr. Ben Rall



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