Ep.78 | Wednesday Recap | Chris White

How many times have you heard, “Just take one day at a time.”


Everytime someone says that to me, I want to 🥊 them…

Not because it’s annoying as hell to hear it…

But because it’s the cold, hard truth. 

I lost count of how many times I’ve been so derailed because of my past or so anxious about the uncertainty of my future, that it paralyzed me in the present.

Where does that get you?

Nowhere. Actually, check that.

It gets you somewhere…

To a place called Backward.

In today’s episode of Coming Up Clutch™️, I summarize the Top 3 nuggets from Monday’s interview with serial entrepreneur and business coach, Chris White.

We got real about his recent exchange with one of his leaders and the challenges he’s had to overcome to become a leader who’s focused on the present.

Some phenomenal, practical leadership wisdom that came out of this episode. 

If you want to learn how to be a more present leader, lock in to the cliffs notes version of my interview with Chris White.

[00:01 – 10:30] Chris’s BIG Three

  • #1: Why we must focus on the WHO, not the WHAT
  • #2: What you must do if you want to be a leader worth following
  • #3: Three ways to lean into adversity when you’re being counted on by others

[10:31 – 13:02] Wrapping Up!

  • Make sure to listen to the full interview with Chris to get more of his wisdom and hear his BIG DOMINO
  • Take action…
    • Pick ONE of the three nuggets to work on 
    • COMMIT


“There’s always a ‘who’ behind the ‘what.’” – J.R.

“You can’t be others focused without being inwardly sound.” – J.R.



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