Ep.162 | Wednesday Recap | Chris Jarvis

Chances are, you’ve heard the saying, “To live the life that others can’t, you’ll have to do what others won’t.”

I’ve heard it for years.

To me, it says everything about hard work and doing the hard things.

But no one said anything to me about what to do with my mindset and emotions while I was working hard…

And getting my butt kicked by those hard things.

No one told me about the benefits of being vulnerable and talking about my mind and heart to people I trust. 

In today’s episode of Coming Up Clutch™️, I summarize the Top 3 nuggets from Monday’s interview with financial expert and trusted advisor to billionaire families and business owners, Chris Jarvis.

Chris got very real about vulnerability and how we need it to grow, evolve, and dominate.

Lock in to get the summary of my interview with Chris.

[00:01 – 09:20] Chris’s BIG Three

  • #1: How to cross the bridge from successful to ultra-successful
  • #2: What Chris means by “Be the Giraffe” and how it can impact your life and career
  • #3: What a giraffe can teach you about the power of vulnerability

[09:21 – 10:24] Wrapping Up!

  • Make sure to listen to the full interview with Chris to get more of his wisdom and hear his BIG DOMINO
  • Take action…
    • Pick ONE of the three nuggets to work on 
    • COMMIT


“If you’re afraid to do something different, you’re never going to get a different result.” – Chris Jarvis



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