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Ep.46 | 5 Minute Drill | The Secret Weapon for Consistently Reaching Your Goals

I stumbled upon a goal-achieving strategy. And it’s since become my secret weapon to reaching my goals in record time.

Something magical happens when you’re accountable to someone you love who looks up to you.

In today’s 5-Minute Drill, I share what happened with my son that has put a powerful twist on my approach to setting and achieving goals. 

If you want to consistently hit your goals at record speed and get the added benefit of being a role model for those that look up to you, this Drill is definitely for you!


[00:01 – 05:35] Opening Segment

  • What our family’s 10,000 steps per day challenge uncovered

[05:36 – 11:55] What’s The Drill?

  • #1: Think about a goal you have or want. The bigger the goal, the more impact this drill will have on it.
  • #2: Define how you’re going to measure your progress towards it. You have to have metrics!
  • #3: Find your secret weapon – the nearest kid you care about and that you want to influence. 
    • If you have kids old enough, use your own (6 years old and above is the sweet spot) 
    • If you don’t have kids or yours aren’t old enough, grab a niece or nephew, or a friend’s kid, or someone you coach. 
    • Bottom line, it has to be a kid who you would REGRET disappointing.
  • #4: Once you have your goal, your metrics for measuring progress, and your Accountability Partner, it’s time to go! This is how…
    • You have a set time to check in and update your progress with your Accountability Partner. Is it daily? Is it weekly? 
    • NOTE: For this drill, I’m not a fan of having metrics that are measured beyond a weekly basis. If you’re not checking in weekly with your Partner, you’re missing an opportunity for true accountability and acceleration towards your goals.

[11:38 – 13:44] Wrapping Up!

  • What’s coming up on the next episode 
  • Final words


“Athletes and high achievers have another gear when it comes to pursuing big goals and having a high level of NECESSITY attached to them.” – J.R.

“Find an Accountability Partner, but not just any Partner…find a kid who you’d regret disappointing.” – J.R.


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