Ep.62 | Terry Ayers | Hall of Fame Leadership Lessons from a Hall of Fame Coach

Own it. Model it. Demand it. 

“It” being EXCELLENCE.

That’s the leadership philosophy of one of the best coaches I’ve had in my life and career.

And I’m bringing him and his reservoir of wisdom to you on the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™ show today!

Join me and Hall of Fame coach, Terry Ayers, as we dig into his philosophy and talk about what…

  • We all must grasp if we plan to use our platform to influence others
  • The best leaders do over and over again
  • It takes to be the person who CONSISTENTLY comes up clutch

…and so much more.

Coach Ayers has spent over FIVE decades coaching athletes and coaches at every level and has impacted so many lives and careers, including mine. 

If you want a few extra nuggets to get the best out of you and the people around you, check out today’s episode.

You’re going to LOVE Coach Ayers!

[00:00 – 14:43] Introducing Terry to the Show

  • Terry’s most embarrassing moment
  • Terry’s journey through teaching and coaching

[14:44 – 24:13] The Original 5-Minute Drill

  • Must get to fundamental root of what your job is
  • The goal for our lives is to COMPETE…to bare down when it gets tough
  • Are you special enough to gut it out with something you’ve never done?

[24:14 – 38:41]  Own it. Model it. Demand it.

  • OWN IT
    • Own everything you do on and off the field. Give yourself HONEST self-evaluation – “Here’s where I made the mistake, and here’s where I need to change”
    • I know what I know, but I don’t know everything ______ (other person) knows
      • Dig in and listen – because _____ (other person) may have something valuable to say that fills in the blanks for you
      • Are you sitting in the front row? Focused on what’s going on?
      • Read books – look at people who are undergoing the most stress and learn from them
  • DEMAND IT (from yourself)
    • Occam’s Razor – the simple, straightforward solution is the best. Break things down into small bits.
    • Demand reflection – are you keeping a journal?
    • Seek out people that want to help you

[38:42 – 45:24] Ask Questions

  • Message to coaches: giving your people the answer is YOUR ANSWER…ask questions so person can come up with THEIR answer (“I don’t want my answer for you. I want YOUR answer for you.”)
  • Message to Leaders: LISTEN!!! Bosses dictate.

[45:25 – 48:49] What It Takes To Be The Person Who Can Consistently Come Up Clutch

  • Constantly strive to be better than you were – just a little bit better
    • Ask questions to people you value, and then LISTEN
      • How do you deal with _____?
      • What would you recommend here?
      • How do you feel about _________-?
      • When ______ happened, what were you thinking? How were you feeling?
    • YOUR WIFE – she’s your greatest asset
    • YOUR MOM (instincts – she knows you better than you know you, she’s been looking at men since she’s been 9!)

[48:49 – 59:45] Wrapping Up!

  • Terry’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Terry


“We all should be practicing to be the best person we can be.” – Terry Ayers

“Leaders: you set up the environment to bring out the best in those who follow you.” – Terry Ayers

“The people who make it are the ones that see it, take small bites out of it, and enjoy every bite.” – Terry Ayers

“Leaders listen. Bosses dictate.” – Terry Ayers

“Others make your legacy based on how you treat them.” – Terry Ayers

“Talk less, listen more.” – Terry Ayers



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