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Ep.266 | Scott Mann | The Key Behind Breaking Through Your Ceiling of Success

Storytelling can transform the way you lead. Join me as I sit down with Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Scott Mann. Scott is the Founder of Rooftop Leadership and a former US Army Green Beret. In this episode, Scott uncovers the incredible power of narratives in fostering trust and effective communication. Scott shares his inspiring journey from small-town kid to Green Beret, illustrating how storytelling, underpinned by the science of the brain, can significantly enhance leadership in low-trust environments.

Scott recounts his experiences in high-risk military settings and emphasizes the necessity for leaders to reconnect with fundamental human nature. We also explore the critical role of emotional intelligence and effective communication in leadership. Scott highlights the power of personal storytelling born from his challenges and the importance of active listening and asking open-ended questions. 

Join us for a discussion that promises to impact the way you lead and enhance your professional and personal relationships.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to leverage story to earn more trust from others.
  • The three components of leadership that EVERY leader needs to get better at.
  • The key behind removing the ceiling of success that you may feel is over your life.


“The most effective way to move human beings is through human connection.” – Scott Mann

“Narrative, empathy, and reciprocity is the fastest way to own a room in a low-trust environment.” – Scott Mann

“Your scars can be repurposed in the service of others.” – Scott Mann

“The scars that you’ve accumulated on your journey is the gold for someone else’s journey.” – Scott Mann

“It’s oftentimes not the stories that you tell, but the stories that you ask to hear.” – Scott Mann

“Meet someone where they are, not where you want them to be.” – Scott Mann



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