Ep.92 | Scott Hairston | Success As a Family Tradition

Success can stay in the family…

If you’re intentional about the choices you make. 

In today’s episode of the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™ show, 11-Year MLB vet and the 5th member of Major League Baseball’s largest family, Scott Hairston, shares the choices behind his successful run in the Big Leagues.

In this latest episode, Scott and I talk about…

  • What Scott’s season of clutch moments can teach us about handling self-doubt
  • How to handle those moments when you’re caught off guard and need to come through
  • A key discipline to stay a family unit while in a demanding career that requires a lot of time away

…and so much more.

If you want to experience more clutch seasons in your life, then lock in to today’s episode.

[00:01 – 8:47] Introducing Scott to the show

  • Scott’s most embarrassing moment
  • Scott’s background and the importance of family in his success

[8:48 – 26:11] What Scott’s season of clutch moments can teach us about self-doubt

  • Choices he made:
    • Made a mental choice – had to put himself in a frame of mind that “You’ve worked hard for this” 
    • Create an environment where you can succeed (get distractions out!)
      • Message for parents: create an environment for your kids where they could just be themselves.
      • For the “I can’t…I don’t have…” people: We all have resources – we can’t be ignorant of that.
      • Reach out to mentors. Talk. Ask questions.
      • Can’t go through life by ourselves
    • You have to be your biggest supporter
      • Ask yourself: Why am I doing __________?
      • We all have a choice to believe what other people say about us or not
      • Leaned into failure – what are you going to do TODAY to push yourself forward?

[26:12 – 34:04] How to handle those moments when you’re caught off guard

  • Stay ready
  • Envision success (you can’t go down the “I’m not used to this” spiral)
  • Take control of the moment
  • We either embrace opportunity and run with, or shy away. Choose to embrace it. 

[34:05 – 39:12] What Scott this today’s ambitious player or entrepreneur or executive is focusing too much on

  • Making money the quick way
  • Money doesn’t bring happiness
  • For those people too focused on money:
    • What are your intentions? 
    • How are you going about making money?
      • Must ask yourself: What’s your motivation?
      • Success = happy family life, doing what you love to do 
    • Do you like what you do?
    • Are you helping people around you get better? Are you mentoring someone who wants to do the same thing you do? 

[39:13 – 44:40] Scott’s key discipline to stay a family unit while in a demanding, high stakes career that deals with a lot of time away from family

  • Any time you leave the house, make sure you are connected to your family
  • Whenever you’re at home, be there physically and mentally

[44:41 – 47:47] Scott’s advice for parents with kids playing sports

  • Let them be kids – their sport is NOT their job
  • Don’t have to play every weekend and every month 

[47:48 – 51:31] Wrapping Up

  • Scott’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Scott


“You can’t do success by yourself.” – Scott Hairston

“Create an environment where you can succeed. Get distractions out.” – Scott Hairston

“We all have a choice whether or not to believe what other people say about us.”  – Scott Hairston

“When you get an opportunity, embrace it and run with it.” – Scott Hairston

“Before you leave the home, make sure you have a connection with your family.” – Scott Hairston 

“Let your kids be kids – their sport is NOT their job.” – Scott Hairston



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