Ep.206 | René Banglesdorf | Turn Others’ Labels Into Your Launch Pad

Join me for an incredible conversation with René Banglesdorf, a changemaker, serial entrepreneur, and executive business coach in the private aviation industry. In this episode, we discuss how to stay true to yourself in a fast-paced, affluent industry and share some truly memorable moments, including René’s embarrassing encounter with Michael Westbrook and his baby. Listen in as we explore maintaining faith, integrity, and authenticity, and how to navigate misaligned relationships.

René shares her journey from being the CEO of Charlie Bravo to transitioning into a coaching business, and how she positioned herself for success. We talk about the importance of staying true to ourselves and our vision, even when it might be hard or risky. We also discuss the importance of equipping our successors to succeed when we transition. This wisdom-packed conversation is filled with valuable insights and practical advice.

We explore how to maintain faith and integrity in an ever-changing, high-stakes environment, as well as how to handle toxic relationships and approach reconciliation with those we care about. René emphasizes that the root of both leadership success and failure rests in the heart of the leader. Don’t miss this incredible episode filled with powerful stories, wisdom, and advice from the inspiring René Banglesdorf!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Gaining Confidence As an Outlier
  • Overcoming the Labels Put on You
  • Staying True to Yourself in Transitions
  • Exiting a Job With Grace
  • Maintaining Faith and Integrity in Business
  • Navigating Toxic Relationships
  • The Importance of Accountability
  • Leadership, Relationships, and Alignment


“It’s important to believe in who God says you are” – J.R.

“It’s so easy to get caught up in the noise that we forget to be true to ourselves” – René Banglesdorf

“Every day could be the beginning of a season that we didn’t even anticipate” – René Banglesdorf

“If we’re not grounded in who we are, who we want to be, and how we want to show up every day, we can get really sidetracked when we get derailed from the path we’re on” – René Banglesdorf

“The root of leadership failure is the same root of leadership success: it’s in the heart of the leader” – René Banglesdorf




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