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Ep.107 | Reggie Jefferson | The 3S Approach to Consistency

What would happen in your life if you were more consistent?

Think about it…what if you were more consistent with your…





I go behind the scenes with former 9-Year MLB veteran and current MLBPA-Certified Agent at Jay-Z’s ROC Nation, Reggie Jefferson – a dude who was a career .300 hitter in Major League Baseball – that requires some serious consistency!

In today’s episode of the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™ show, I sit down with Reggie and unpack key lessons from his Big League career and pressures he’s endured as an elite athlete, husband, and father.

In this latest episode, Reggie and I talk about…

  • What helped Reggie be a career .300 hitter
  • Lessons Reggie learned from his injuries, adversities, and struggles as a Big Leaguer
  • How to navigate the pressures of your career and life

…and so much more.

If you want to be more consistent in your life and game, then don’t miss today’s episode.

[00:01 – 09:09] Introducing Reggie to the show

  • Reggie’s most embarrassing moment
  • Reggie’s background and his professional journey
  • What is was like playing for legendary MLB managers 

[09:10 – 12:42] The keys behind Reggie’s ultimate clutch moment

  • He was dedicated to no end
  • You have to be able to relax in clutch moments

[12:43 – 18:50] What helped Reggie be a career .300 hitter (The 3S Approach to Consistency)

  • Leveraged Simplicity. Reggie’s approach: See the ball, hit the ball 
  • Studied guys who were successful, applied to his game (but didn’t try to be those guys). When you stop learning, you’re done
  • Leveraged his Strengths – recognized who he was

[18:51 – 25:11] The difference between good and great teams 

  • Need to have a mix of people, balance, good leadership, and people that are willing to work – people that want to be great and are in it to win

[25:12 – 32:16] Lessons Reggie learned from his injuries, adversities, and struggles as a Big Leaguer

  • Keep your family together, spend time with your wife, make sure your wife knows she’s important 
  • There are things that are more important than your career
  • Listen more 
  • It’s not all about what you’re doing – pay attention to the people in your life
  • Set boundaries – Reggie told people he’s on “lockdown” when he gets home from a road trip

[32:17 – 35:09] How to navigate the pressures of your career and life

  • Enjoy when great things happen (celebrate), but then super-critical of myself, constantly evaluating myself, and asking, “what’s next?” (evaluate)

[35:10 – 37:38] Reggie’s biggest threat to coming up clutch more often

  • NOT going for it – we HAVE to go for it
  • When things aren’t going your way, don’t let it stop you (“If it stings you, don’t let it stop you.”)

[37:39 – 43:02] Wrapping Up

  • Reggie’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Reggie


“When you stop learning, you’re done. You have to study guys doing it the right way.” – Reggie Jefferson

“If it stings you, don’t let it stop you.” – Reggie Jefferson

“You can’t live in the past.” – Reggie Jefferson



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