Ep.5 | Mikie Mahtook | Change Your Perspective and Communication, Change the Trajectory of Your Career

J.R. goes behind the scenes with 5-Year MLB Vet, National Champion, LSU All-American, and philanthropist, Mikie Mahtook. Mikie’s professional career in baseball spans 10 years with the Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago White Sox. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Mikie Mahtook Foundation, a non-profit inspired by his father, Michael’s sudden death due to cardiomyopathy when Mikie was just four years old. He is also the host of Mik’d Up, a weekly live show every Monday from NOON-2PM Eastern covering sports, laughs, sports betting, and high antics. In this episode, J.R. and Mikie tap into the key behind Mikie’s greatest season of his career, what to do when you feel like all hope is lost, and the simple strategy that helped Mikie manage his distractions. Lock in until the end of this inspirational episode! 

[00:01 – 11:41] Introducing Mikie to the Show

  • Mikie’s most embarrassing moment
  • Mikie’s story of strength and perseverance
  • Mikie talks about his faith and the rise of his career

[11:42 – 24:01] Managing Family, Friends, and Your Ego

  • Acknowledge that you’re good at something, but not at everything
  • The importance of accepting help and guidance from people around you
  • Learning to not let your head and doubts get in the way of your game
  • Maintaining healthy communication with friends and family

[24:01 – 38:57] Wrapping up!

  • Managing money and the pressure that comes along with it  
  • The importance of being disciplined with your money and living below your means 
  • Being responsible with your money by thinking of the future
  • Connect with Mike through the links below 
  • Final advice from Mikie


“​​When you have a support system, people that you trust, and people that are going to give you the brutal truth, you have a huge asset.” – Mikie Mahtook

“Communication isn’t about you. It’s about the person that you’re communicating with.” – Mikie Mahtook

“Enjoy the journey and enjoy where you’re at, but don’t get complacent when you get to the top.” – Mikie Mahtook



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