Ep.258 | Michele Cushatt | Finding Peace When All You Feel Is Pressure

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much peace do you have in your life and career right now? 

(10 = total peace, 1 = minimal, if any)

I’m asking because I look at the conversations and headlines around social media these days and I’m seeing a LACK of peace.

Even in the conversations I’m having with people around me…pressure seems to be mounting…

At home…

In the career…

With finances…

And all the news around the economy and the continued political division with the upcoming election isn’t helping.

So how do you find peace when all you feel is pressure?

I lean in to that question on today’s episode of the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™ show. I sit down with Michele Cushatt – 3-time head and neck cancer survivor, 4-time author, and one of the best communicators and leaders I know. If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about navigating seasons where peace isn’t present, it’s Michele.  But here’s what else Michele knows – how to stay relentless when the fire around you keeps getting worse. Michele and I get real about the challenges of life that we all face.

If you want more peace in your life and career, then lock in to today’s episode.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to overcome insurmountable challenges (and God doesn’t seem to be around to help).
  • What to do when you feel broken and don’t know what to do.
  • How to handle moments or seasons that lack peace.
  • Strategies for transforming uncertainty into momentum and the importance of authentic connections.
  • The intersection of faith, suffering, and resilience, and practices for building faith during tough times.
  • Embracing vulnerability as a means to foster genuine relationships and personal growth.
  • The impact of showing up flawed and courageous, and how authenticity can lead to greater confidence and authority.


“We must believe that our struggle won’t be wasted.” – Michele Cushatt 

“During a challenge, you have two choices: Be defined or derailed by it, or be developed by it.” – Michele Cushatt

“People don’t connect with perfect performances. They connect with real people.” – Michele Cushatt

“Pride is a terrible companion.” – Michele Cushatt

“You have to own your own growth. It’s no one else’s fault or responsibility that you are where you are.” – Michele Cushatt

“The secret to peace is finding eyes to see.” – Michele Cushatt

“Peace comes from an internal sense of groundedness, not an external ability to control.” – Michele Cushatt

“The moment you think you’ve arrived is actually the moment you’re lost.” – Michele Cushatt



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