Ep.86 | Kyle Stark | How to Become a Pro’s Pro

How important is it to you to become known as a consistent teammate who’s reliable, gets the job done, and is a joy to be around while doing it?

In today’s episode of the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™ show, I dig deep into Kyle Stark’s well of wisdom about how to be a “Pro’s Pro…” 

…that person I described above.

Kyle is a leadership and culture expert with 20+ years of coaching and leading under his belt, with 15 of those years in Major League Baseball. Kyle’s last stint in baseball was as an Assistant General Manager with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In this latest episode, Kyle and I talk about…

  • A 3-Step approach to overcoming pressure
  • The common attributes of elite leaders 
  • How to be a PRO’s PRO

…and so much more.

If you want to learn how to be that person who everyone could count on (especially in the clutch), then don’t miss today’s episode.

[00:01 – 06:25] Introducing Kyle to the Show

  • Kyle’s most embarrassing moment and the lesson learned from it
  • Kyle’s story and background

[06:26 – 14:02] 3-Step approach to overcoming pressure

  • Pressure was internal
  • What Kyle did:
    • Clarity in terms of your identity – WHO ARE YOU?
      • If you DON’T do this, you’ll allow the external circumstances to dictate what happens to you
    • How do you practice?
    • How do you frame it out? (is this unique to your situation, or is it normal?  opportunity/privilege, or threat?)

[14:02 – 28:23] The common attributes of elite leaders

  • Authentic – people buy into people, not ideas
  • Consistent – model it more than preach it
  • They impact behavior change in a way that a person receives it – they navigate the challenge and support spectrum (push out of comfort zone in a way that could be trusted and the other person feels stretched) 
  • Key question to ask yourself: why do you lead the way you do?

[28:24 – 35:03] How to be a PRO’s PRO

  • Has more to do with WHO you are and HOW you do things (vs. WHAT you do)
  • If you want to win at the highest level, you have to bet on people
  • The greatest ability is your dependability 
  • 3 attributes of PROs
    • Purpose
      • Pros have clarity on who they are and what they’re doing
      • They’re very purposeful and intentional 
      • The AMATEUR does what feels good when he wants to. The PRO does what he’s supposed to do when he’s supposed to do it to the best of his ability.
    • Relentless – can you keep your nose to the grindstone and keep doing it?
      • The amateur changes lanes and looks for the quick fix, the pro stays committed to the task
    • Ownership
      • The amateur points fingers and makes excuses, not trying to justify their behavior or performance, they OWN IT.

[35:04 – 39:02] The thing that blocks the most talented people from their highest level

  • They want things fast, easy, and exciting all the time. Success and excellence is the exact opposite of these:
    • Fast Speed 
    • Convenient
    • Entertaining
    • Nurturing 
    • Entitled 

[39:03 – 44:45] Wrapping Up

  • How Kyle maintains his spiritual and family identity in a demanding environment
  • Kyle’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Kyle


“Culture can change with one person, but you won’t get change with one person.” – Kyle Stark

“If you want to win at the highest level, you have to bet on people.” – Kyle Stark

“The greatest ability is your dependability.” – Kyle Stark 

“The answer is often IN you rather than OUT there.” – Kyle Stark



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