Ep.238 | Jonathan Burke | The Best Insurance You Don’t Have

“That won’t ever happen to me.” 

Ever catch yourself saying that? You know, you hear a news story about the smash-and-grab in a city parking lot…or the car following a lady home from her grocery store trip…or the drunk dude who just randomly landed a punch on an innocent pedestrian, sending him to the hospital with a serious head injury…

“Nah, that won’t ever happen to me. My shopping areas have great security…I live in a safe area…I’m not out late at night…”

But, what if you’re wrong? I mean, athletes have beaten the odds. Teams have beaten the odds. WEATHER has beaten the odds. Last time I checked, criminals can beat the odds, too.

This is why I brought back Jonathan Burke to my show – one of the top self-defense and close quarters combat experts on the planet. In one of my BEST episodes of the year, Jon and I tackle one of the most overlooked and undervalued topics around human performance today. If you care about keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, ESPECIALLY during the holidays, then lock in to today’s episode. And, then…

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The two major mistakes you’re probably making when it comes to your self protection 
  • Everyday tips to keep you and your family safe
  • How to better protect your loved ones from everyday crimes and criminals
  • How to incorporate self-defense techniques into overall human performance and daily life


  • Crime and criminals don’t discriminate.” – Jonathan Burke
  • “Accept the reality that you could become a victim. That will automatically change your awareness levels.” – Jonathan Burke
  • Complacency kills.” – Jonathan Burke
  • Most people will spend a fortune to protect their diamonds, but spend little to nothing to protect their lives.” – Jonathan Burke
  • A gun will only get you so far. You need to become the weapon. The weapon really is from the neck up.” – Jonathan Burke



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