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Ep.95 | John Putnam | The Hidden Influencers of Your Money

What’s influencing your decisions around money?

Here’s an even better question – when’s the last time you asked yourself the question I just asked?

When I first dug deep into what and who were influencing my financial decisions, it was eye-opening. 

For decades, I was influenced by all the wrong things and people and continually found myself caught in the trap of keeping up with a lifestyle that I wasn’t ready to live. 

And the more I talk about this topic with others, I’m learning I wasn’t the only one who got caught.

There’s one influencer that stood out among the rest, though…

It’s the one that sneaks up on you in ways you didn’t think would.  

In today’s episode of the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™ show, financial expert and author, John Putnam, unpacks this hidden influencer and helps us get out in front of it.

In this latest episode, John and I talk about the…

  • Reality behind the belief, “My life will get easier once I have more money.”
  • Hidden influencers of your money
  • Key “plan” that MUST come before a financial plan

…and so much more.

If you want your financial decisions to continually come from a position of strength and confidence, then lock in to today’s episode.

[00:01 – 14:44] Introducing John to the show

  • John’s most embarrassing moment
  • John’s background and his professional journey 

[14:45 – 16:55] The reality behind the belief, “My life will get easier once I have more money.”

  • In some ways it will get easier (emergency funds, peace of mind, college fund, etc.). HOWEVER…
    • Myth: the more you have, the easier life gets (paradox of prosperity)
    • Reality: The more you have, the more choices you have and that automatically becomes more complex
  • Some people are more suited to handle significant wealth than others – just the way we’re wired

[16:56 – 28:54] The hidden influencers of your money

  • You’ll never make a decision that is outside of the scope (or beyond the approval) of the person whose opinion matters to you the most
    • THINK ABOUT: who’s that person that makes you want to put on your best or fix up things around the house or in the car for?
    • If you’re giving people this type of power, you’re creating a ceiling for yourself, especially in the areas of money
  • How to get over the opinions of others?
    • Must be aware that the opinions of others are a TRAP that you’ve fallen into / prone to fall into
    • So many of our financial choices are not around MONEY…a lot of them have spiritual underpinnings / spiritual choices

[28:55 – 34:34] What’s the key “plan” that MUST come before a financial plan

  • The math part of money is the easiest part (i.e. tax, legal, compound interest)
  • The mission part is harder (why we do what we do, how we approach this)
  • Marriage: The tensions around money affect each spouse differently
  • Wealth doesn’t deserve first position
  • Practical step to adopt a more holistic view around money: 
    • PRAYER (prayer isn’t preparation for the greater work, it IS the greater work). If prayer doesn’t do it for you, meditate on…
      • What is your purpose? 
      • How does your wealth support and fuel your purpose?
      • Just talk about money without the need to have all the right answers

[34:35 – 41:18] Money, Marriage, and Faith

  • You come into marriage with your own junk, philosophies, and thoughts about money
  • ACTION: Have simple conversations around financial topics. Ask questions like:
    • What are the pro/cons of having a budget? 
    • How was your college tuition funded?
    • What was the best financial advice you received?

[41:19 – 44:58] Wrapping Up

  • John’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with John


“Your WEALTH cannot take first position in your LIFE.” – John Putnam

“Money makes a lousy savior.” – John Putnam

“The math part of money is the easiest part. The mission part is what gets complicated.” – John Putnam

“When you have an audience of ONE, it puts EVERYTHING in the right perspective.” – John Putnam



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