Ep.41 | Jeff Reboulet | A 12-Year MLB Veteran On the Keys to Sustainable Success in Sports, Business, & Life

When do you think it’s right to be aggressive with your money?

Tough question to answer.

Especially when you hear people say, “No risk. No reward.”

But how does that phrase relate to money and investing?

J.R. gets into that and more today with 12-Year MLB Pro turned financial advisor and entrepreneur, Jeff Reboulet.

J.R. and Jeff talk about: 

  • The mentality you must have when you’re not seeing the fruits of your labor
  • The keys to keeping your family and friends an asset to your career instead of a liability
  • The approach to money you should be taking so it’s NOT a distraction in your career

…and so much more.

If you like stories, Jeff has plenty. He’s seen it all and then some after spending 18 years in professional baseball. 

Another man full of wisdom and passion comin’ straight to ya!

[00:03 – 11:18] Introducing Jeff to the Show

  • Jeff’s most embarrassing moment
  • Jeff’s journey through professional baseball

[11:19 – 24:50] When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Getting The Opportunities You Deserve

  • ALWAYS be a great teammate.
  • Be ready. Prepare as if everything is going to happen in the next 5 minutes.
  • Pick up the bats! Nothing is below you on the way to the top.

[24:51 – 31:22] Manage Your Family And Friends So They Remain An Asset To Your Career

  • With friends: Do the right thing all the time with everybody. (DO THE RIGHT THING)
  • With family: Lock it in and say, “This is MY time with my family.”
  • Get clear on your identity

[31:23 – 39:04] Manage Your Money So It’s Not A Distraction For Your Career

  • Find a financial advisor
  • it’s not about picking stocks, it’s about getting a basic plan
  • Mistake too many high achievers make with their money

[39:05 – 44:23] Wrapping Up! 

  • Jeff’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Jeff


“If you’re not prepared, they’re just going to move on to the next guy.” – Jeff Reboulet

“You have to know that your time is coming.” – Jeff Reboulet

“Do the right thing all the time with everybody.” – Jeff Reboulet

“Aggressiveness as an athlete does NOT work as an investor.” – Jeff Reboulet



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