Ep.74 | Jason Hitte | How to Have Faith in the Middle of Your Storm

How easy is it to have faith when things are going good, but freak out when things aren’t?

My faith gets challenged with a capital C when things are rough – just being real.

So, how do you keep the faith when everything around you seems to be on fire?

I sit down with spiritual leader and relationship expert, Jason Hitte, to lean into this exact question.

This man’s faith has been tested over and over again as a former police detective, spiritual leader, and most recently during COVID.

He lets us see behind the curtain today on the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™ show and is very transparent about his battle with anxiety and leading during the uncertainties of a pandemic…

In this latest episode, Ps. Jason and I talk about…

  • How to overcome anxiety
  • How to have faith in the middle of your storm
  • What’s wrong with marriages today and what you can do to make yours right

…and so much more.

If you want to learn how to lead like a Champion, especially during times of uncertainty, then don’t miss today’s episode.

[9:01 – 22:44] How To Overcome Anxiety

  • First recognize there’s freedom from anxiety
  • Relief wasn’t immediate, but I was committed to it
  • Isaiah 26:3: You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you
  • Anxiety is the result of what we’re allowing our mind to be focused on
  • Anxiety is the RESULT. Must ID the root of your anxiety
  • If you work with your mind, you have to rest with your hands; if you work with your hands, you have to rest with your mind. Pair FAITH up with PHYSICAL activity
  • If you’re a leader and have the mindset that, “I have to have it together” you’re creating a performance mentality…we have to put on a performance or an act (vs. a grace-based one). Instead…
    • Humility – there’s areas of my life that I don’t have together
    • Transparency – cautiously transparent (not completely) – you don’t have to tell EVERYONE your junk – just the people in your Inner Circle

[22:45 – 34:04] How To Have Faith In The Middle Of The Storm

  • Leaders aren’t born or made. Leaders RISE to the occasion when challenges happen.
    • Everyone needs a COACH (to help you get better) and a COUNSELOR (to deal with your heart)
    • Leaders don’t identify problems, they find solutions
  • Leaders have to interpret adversity differently. When there’s adversity, it doesn’t always mean you’re on the wrong path. It’s typically an indicator that you are on the right path.
    • You might not always know what to do, but God does…so stay connected to Him.
    • Galatians 6:9: So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.
    • If you don’t know what to do, just do what you do know to do.

[34:05 – 39:54] What’s Wrong with Marriages Today?

  • Marriage isn’t the invention of man, it’s the invention of God. It’s not a government thing, it’s a God thing.
  • We’re not committing – marriage is jumping out of a plane with NO parachute (too many people going into it with a parachute)
  • If God is at the center of your marriage, he can hold it together (if self is at the center, you’re done…marriage is serving ONE another)

[39:55 – 45:23] Wrapping Up

  • Jason’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Jason


“Anxiety is the result of what we’re allowing our mind to be focused on” – Jason Hitte 

“Just because anxiety is in your family doesn’t mean you have to have it” – Jason Hitte

“Leaders aren’t born or made. Leaders RISE to the occasion when challenges happen.” – Jason Hitte 

“Leaders don’t identify problems, they find solutions.” – Jason Hitte

“If you don’t know what to do, just do what you do know to do.” – Jason Hitte



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