Ep.35 | Jacob Aranza | The Truth About Emotions and Their Impact On Your Relationship

One of the most amazing experiences in life is falling in love, yet there’s another side of the same coin. Many couples end their relationship because they fall out of love. So, what’s the secret behind 40-year marriages?

Jacob Aranza, the founder and lead pastor of Our Savior’s Church and Aranza Outreach shares how to check your emotions at the door and have a long and fruitful marriage.

Through Aranza Outreach, Pastor Jacob has spoken to over 5 million young people around the world and has counseled 10s of thousands of couples throughout his ministry. He’s a best-selling author with five books in print and has shared ministry with Billy Graham, Focus on the Family, and Campus Crusade. He’s also a former chaplain for the New Orleans Saints and currently oversees over twenty flourishing churches in the U.S. 

Pastor Jacob has been married to his wife, Michelle, for over 40 years and together they’ve raised five strong boys and one beautiful daughter.

The amount of wisdom this man carries on him is mind-blowing, ESPECIALLY when it comes to relationships and leadership.

[00:01 – 24:00] Introducing Jacob to the Show 

  • Jacob’s most embarrassing moment and how he overcame it
  • The MUSTs behind a sustainable and successful marriage 
  • The wisest thing that Ps. Jacob did early in his marriage
  • Your marriage lives to the degree that you die to yourself

[24:01 – 38:59] The Purpose of Marriage and How to Stay Emotionally Connected

  • Falling out of love — what you can do about it
  • God’s purpose for marriage
  • What the Bible says about marriage
  • Emotions aren’t loyal
  • How to avoid temptations by knowing the enemy’s lies
  • The concept of the Great Exchange
  • Don’t rely on your emotions to lead you in the right direction

[39:00 – 45:19]  Biggest Mistake Couples Are Making In Marriage

  • Pursuing Pleasure

[45:20 – 48:45] Wrapping Up! 

  • Jacob’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Jacob


“Surrender to people who know more than you know.” – Jacob Aranza

“Typically, the more successful you are in one area of your life, the more illiterate you are in other areas of your life.” – Jacob Aranza

“Gratitude is the gap between where you should be and where you ended up. ” – Jacob Aranza

“Emotions are great to live with, but terrible to live by.” – Jacob Aranza

“Emotions are never satisfied. The more you feed them, the more they grow.” – Jacob Aranza

“The more the right things live inside of you, the more the wrong things die.” – Jacob Aranza



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