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Ep.1 | Four Pillars of Coming Up Clutch More Often

Welcome to the foundational episode of Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™! If you’re an athlete or high achiever, you know that behind every great achievement is an even greater process. So, in this episode, J.R. unpacks his Clutch Process™ – the same process that all of his private clients go through. This process is the lens that he encourages you to look through for every future episode on this show. The Clutch Process™ stands on four pillars of peak performance that are the keys to coming up clutch more often in sports, business, and LIFE! Listen in!

[00:01 – 09:56] The Clutch Process™ 

  • J.R.’s story – how the Clutch Process™ was born
  • How the Clutch Process™ helped J.R. overcome the darkest season of his life
  • Using the Clutch Process™ as a way of life 

[09:56 – 16:34] The 4 Pillars of the Clutch Process™

  • Unpacking the four pillars of the Clutch Process™
  • Client Success Stories
  • The key to living a peak performance LIFE

 [16:35 – 24:59] Wrapping up 

  • The BIG mistake average people make
  • How you can achieve a peak performance life 
  • How you can make most of these podcast episodes 
  • The importance of committing to a process
  • Your next step 


“Behind every great achievement is an even greater process.” 

“You can’t have heightened and sustainable performance if you’re one dimensional. If you think it’s just your mind that’s holding your back, think again.”

“The key to consistently squashing the competition and getting the best opportunities is living a peak performance life.”


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