Ep.80 | Erwan Le Corre | The Keys to Overcoming Loneliness and Negativity

If I asked you to hold your breath for 1 minute, could you do it? 

Most people can’t. That’s why I was so fascinated when I learned that U.S. National Record Holder, Erwan Le Corre, could hold his breath for almost SEVEN minutes (yes 7!).

But what was even more fascinating…

Learning that we could use breath holding as a way to build trust in ourselves.

We hear that trusting others is a necessity for great relationships and teamwork.

But it starts with trusting YOURSELF.

Today on the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™ show, Erwan shares the philosophy and approach behind trusting himself so he could unlock his superhuman abilities. He also gets into what has driven him to reach peak levels of performance as a professional, husband, and father.

Erwan’s human performance journey is AMAZING.

In this latest episode, Erwan and I talk about…

  • Why it’s so important to be comfortable with solitude
  • How to break the insecurity around taking time off
  • The real reason behind why Erwan pursues world records in breathholding

…and so much more.

If you want to learn how to push yourself beyond your limits, then don’t miss today’s episode.

[00:01 – 12:45] Introducing Erwan to the Show

  • Erwan’s story and background and introduction to natural movement

[12:46 – 21:36] Why it’s so important to be comfortable with solitude

  • When you’re not interacting with others, you’re interacting with yourself and, in those moments, you have the opportunity to check in with yourself
  • Solitude = NOT thinking (idea of meditation)
  • Solitude opens up possibilities of what could be next
  • IN PRACTICE: could be as simple as sitting outside on your porch staring at a flower, sun, tree and connecting with yourself
  • When you do this, you connect better with others (because you’re so connected to yourself) and that loneliness will go away
  • There’s always a better version of you awaiting, if only you can put more work down.
    • Why don’t we? It feels unsafe. 
    • Relaxing makes you feel unsafe (because it’s rooted in “you’re not enough” and “you’re not doing enough”)

[21:37 – 28:21] How to break the insecurity around taking time off

  • FIRST STEP TO BREAK CYCLE: Acknowledge you’re struggling with this insecurity
  • THEN: deeply investigate why you’re unsatisfied despite your success.
    • Deep satisfaction always steps from simplicity (e.g. hug with child, etc.)
  • THEN: CHOOSE satisfaction.
    • Have to be intentional about getting satisfied…have to have a thirst for that deep satisfaction
    • Includes gratitude – focus on everything you DO have

[28:22 – 31:39] Why Erwan chose to do breathhold work and pursue world records

  • Wanted to break the default response to breathholding, which is negative
  • Makes him break past uncomfortable feelings – when you hold your breath, the first response is panic
  • KEY QUESTION when you’re uncomfortable: How do I make my response better?
    • In breathhold work – you find true stillness (vs. breathe again) and acknowledge that the experience is unpleasant but it’s finding you peace and compassion for yourself and, most importantly, TRUST.
    • Erwan’s mindset: breathholding is a situation to help him find stillness and clarity

[31:40 – 39:59] Why so many people struggle with meditating

  • Thinking makes people feel safe
  • What’s missing: TRUST in yourself
  • The struggle is a root cause of not being willing to take time off, relax, etc.
  • MUST celebrate yourself (as if we’re saying, “Great job” to someone we love – except we’re now showing ourselves LOVE)

[40:00 – 49:15] Wrapping Up

  • Erwan’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Erwan


“Deep satisfaction always steps from simplicity.” – Erwan Le Corre 

“If you’re not one of the people you love, something’s missing.” – Erwan Le Corre

“You’re not the problem. It’s the way you operate yourself that’s the problem.” – Erwan Le Corre

“If you can’t trust yourself, you’ll always be in a state of tension.” – Erwan Le Corre



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