Ep.212 | Eric Roukey | Break the Code That’s Holding You Back

What happens when a professional stuntman, single dad, and cancer survivor becomes a financial strategist? You get the incredible story of Eric Roukey, CEO and Chief Financial Strategist of PCG Financial Services. Join us as we discuss turning fear into fuel, bridging the gap between feeling the need for change and taking action, and breaking the code of managing finances and investments.

Eric shares his inspiring journey of overcoming fear and finding meaningful fulfillment while battling testicular cancer. We dive into Self-Determination Theory, which has shaped his life decisions, and the power of gut instinct in bridging the gap between feeling something is off and taking action. Eric also opens up about the importance of faith, prayer, and community in finding support and clarity during difficult times.

Finally, we tackle the often-misleading “code” of financial planning and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. Eric emphasizes that math has little to do with planning, and it’s crucial to know the game you’re playing and adapt as your life changes. Discover the value of having a team to help make wise decisions and avoid costly mistakes, and remember to never try to play someone else’s game. 

Listen in for an insightful and inspiring episode with Eric Roukey!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Bridging the gap between feeling that you need to make a change and taking action on that feeling, turning fear into fuel, and breaking the code of financial management.
  • Eric’s journey of self-determination, gut instinct, and faith to live a life of meaning and impact.
  • Eric’s experience with testicular cancer, taking charge of his own health, remaining calm in the face of fear, and finding support from the Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation.
  • Gaining strength from life experiences, seeking counsel, and finding community.
  • Financial planning, adapting to life changes, interviewing advisors, and pursuing fulfillment.


“Go be who you’re meant to be and who God created you to be” – Eric Roukey

“In order to give your best to others, you have to be at your best” – Eric Roukey

“God only gives us what we can handle” – Eric Roukey

“It’s amazing what the younger generation can teach us if we’re just open to it” – Eric Roukey

“You’re going to be wrong at some point in your life. Get a team around you to help you stay right” – Eric Roukey



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