Ep.56 | Dr. Robb Kelly | You Are Born With a Million Dollar Mind

Could you imagine going from collaborating with some of the greatest musicians in music history to homeless?

How could one possibly go from that high of a high to that low of a low?

That’s part of Dr. Robb Kelly’s story.

But here’s the other part of his story – he overcame that dark period of his life and has become a sought-after addiction and mental illness recovery expert and the author of “Daddy, Daddy, Please Stop Drinking.”

People have referred to him as “The Gordon Ramsay of the Addiction World.” 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • What to do when you’re feeling isolated and alone
  • The illness that you MUST get rid of if you want to excel in life
  • The necessary step to take if you want to break ANY addictions

…and so much more.

Don’t miss out on today’s conversation. This is exactly what you or someone you love needs to hear. 

Dr. Robb gets raw and real and provides practical insight that you could use whether you have an addiction or not.

[00:03 – 08:53] Introducing Dr. Robb to the Show

  • Dr. Robb’s most embarrassing moment
  • Dr. Robb’s powerful of going from addiction to doing what he loves

[08:54 – 19:43] The Difference Between Alcoholics and Addicts and What It Means to You

  • Alcoholics
    • Our neural pathways are MOSTLY self-sabotage
    • Alcoholism is a disease – it’s a biochemical reaction in the brain
    • Self-sabotage is part of alcoholism: Alcoholism sets in and then the mind becomes set on self-sabotage
    • Alcoholism is a SYMPTOM of a root cause
  • Addiction
    • They’re all born with an addictive personality

[19:44 – 24:54] What To Do When You’re Feeling Isolated And Alone 

  • You’re MEANT to go through that struggle…have to go through suffering to LEARN how to make your impact
  • The quicker you know you’re chosen to do certain work and it was your niche in life, the better I started living life myself, and enjoying life
  • God will keep you there until you’ve passed the test
  • Realize you are born with a 1 million dollar mind – stop hanging around 10 cent minds
  • The only thing that’s stopping you is YOU
  • We’re ALL empowered – STOP LISTENING to people’s opinions and them telling you what you can’t do

[24:55 – 28:25] When You’re Stuck Listening To Other People’s (Negative) Stories

  • Realize your dream is still there
  • The only people who see your worth are people who put you down
  • Walk over and take that position – you don’t beg for it, you just take it
  • There’s no such thing as failures – it’s just MORE experience
  • Find your higher power and let him remind you of how powerful you are
  • Start ACTING the life you want today – dress accordingly, speak accordingly, act accordingly

[28:26 – 33:44] The Terminal Illness That You Must Get Rid Of If You Want To Excel In Life

  • Defeating self-dialogue…it’s DANGEROUS
  • MUST Stack your subconscious brain with “I love you” 10x in the mirror – have to start lodging it in the subconscious so it gets to your prefrontal cortex
  • Whenever you think something is impossible, through in an apostrophe => “I’m Possible”
  • If you’re feeling less than, go out and compliment someone else (dopamine releases when we compliment people)

[33:45 – 41:53] What It Takes To Break Addictions

  • STOP isolating yourself!
  • The tone of voice speaking to you in the bad moments is the same tone of voice that speaks in the good moments…so, it will convince you that you don’t need anyone else

[41:54 – 51:34] Wrapping Up!

  • Dr. Robb’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Dr. Robb


“You can change someone’s life in 3 seconds.”  – Dr. Robb Kelly

“Miracles are around you everyday…you just need to know where to look.” – Dr. Robb Kelly

“You are born with a 1 million dollar mind – stop hanging around 10 cent minds.” – Dr. Robb Kelly

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” – Dr. Robb Kelly



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