Ep.20 | Dr. Patrick Bisher | Handle Pressure Like a Navy SEAL

J.R. goes behind the scenes with former Navy SEAL, mental toughness consultant, and founder of the GRIT Academy, Dr. Patrick Bisher.  At the age of nine, Patrick was told he would never walk again by doctors because of a rare hip disease that resulted in the deterioration of his left hip. He was in leg braces and crutches for over a year, but then qualified for an experimental surgery that put him in a body cast for two months. After a second surgery and another six months on crutches, he finally took his first step thus proving “impossible” is just a state of mind. Patrick continued to defy the odds with what he calls The 1% Mentality. He drove his mind and body to the limit and eventually became an elite frogman. His best selling book: No Surrender: Faith, Family, and Finding Your Way shares his testimony and story and was highlighted by News Show Fox and Friends.

Patrick served in combat in the Middle East and was a member of SEAL Teams 3 and 7. After his active duty, he became a Navy SEAL Mentor running the Navy Seal Warfare (NSW) Selection Program. For 6 years, he mentored 1,000s of men and women through his G.R.I.T. Method and was rated the Nation’s #1 Navy SEAL Mentor. During this time, he received his Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Leadership from Kingdom University International.

While teaching mental toughness, teamwork, and leadership to the NSW program, Patrick also consulted athletes, coaches, leaders, and CEO’s in professional sports and business. Patrick’s programs focus on moving organizations, teams, and leaders into the best position to succeed at their calling by transforming and creating the proper mentality, mindset, culture, and leadership training.

Dr. Bisher’s new book, Warrior of God (available on Amazon), empowers Christian believers to wear the full armor of God to be light in the darkest places and teaches you how to implement Christ in you. He shows you how to have victory and spread this powerful message every step you take on enemy ground.

[00:01 – 10:39] Introducing Dr. Patrick to the Show 

  • A quick backstory: How he got to where he is today
  • Protect yourself from the danger of label trap

[10:40 – 41:55] The Mindset Shifts You Need To Handle Pressure Like a SEAL

  • Applying the G.R.I.T. Method
  • Gain control over your mind
  • Handling pressure like a Navy SEAL
  • Overcoming pressure starts in your mind
  • Focus on your training
  • The approach to leadership that more leaders need to lock into
  • Complacency versus Contentment

[41:56 – 50:17] Wrapping up!

  • Dr. Patrick’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Patrick


“In order to have growth, you cannot fear failure.” – Dr. Patrick Bisher

“Every failure is a stepping stone that creates a bridge to your accomplishments.” – Dr. Patrick Bisher

“Resilience = RESPONSE over REACTION. Reactions lead to repercussions. Responses lead to rewards.” – Dr. Patrick Bisher

“Don’t ever rise to the level of the occasion. Instead, fall back to the level of your training.” – Dr. Patrick Bisher




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