Ep.65 | Dr. Doug Cowan | How to Change Your Brain For the Better So You Can Get Better

What happens to your brain when your emotions take over?

It’s more than you think.

The more important question is, what can you do to make your brain work better when your emotions are high? 

That’s just one of the many questions neuroscience and neurofeedback expert, Dr. Doug Cowan, answers today on the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™ show! 

Join me and Dr. Doug as we talk about…

  • How relationships affect your performance and what you can do when things are off
  • What to do when anxiety seems to take over during key moments 
  • What happens to the brain when you show gratitude and why you should show more of it

…and so much more.

Dr. Doug has spent over three decades helping athletes and business leaders master their brain health and overcome serious mental health issues like anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and depression.

If you want to upgrade the way your brain works for you, then don’t miss today’s episode.

Dr. Doug drops a TON of wisdom.

[00:01 – 15:55] Introducing Dr. Doug to the Show

  • Dr. Doug’s most humbling moment
  • Dr. Doug’s journey including 3+ decades helping athletes and business leaders master their brain health

[15:56 – 24:03] Dr. Doug’s Take On How Relationships Affect The Mind And Brain (And Vice Versa)

  • You’re allowed to think, just not when you’re playing
  • The seeds of emotions are DEEP in our brain and are churning all the time when we have anxiety or anger or frustration – you can’t talk yourself out of it
  • Keys: resolutions, forgiveness, understanding and then make a shift

[24:04 – 27:43]  What Happens To The Brain When Emotions Take Over

  • Front part of the brain tries to solve the problem
  • When it can’t solve the problem, the middle part of the brain takes over and tells front part to shut up. When this happens, the emotions are running the show…fight or flight kicks in.
  • Always want to be thinking greater than our emotions. Emotions are tied to the past. Thinking is tied to NOW and in the future.

[27:44 – 35:06] Identifying The Root Of Anxiety And What We Can Do About It

  • Lack of preparation – must prepare for what you want to accomplish, and also for Plan B, C, D, etc. AND prepare for each scenario 
  • Stop using TOP DOWN interventions – when outside part of the brain is trying to inhibit the inside part of the brain (e.g. self talk like “calm down”)
  • Start using BOTTOM UP interventions – using the body to tell the brain that everything is OK (e.g. breathing, tapping, etc.)

[35:07 – 36:08] What Happens To Your Brain When You Show Gratitude

  • Top/middle of the brain lights up with energy – changes performance of brain and central nervous system
  • Take a minute to write down FIVE people, places, or things you’re grateful for and then CELEBRATE right now where you are in life – this will PRIME your brain for what you’re about to do

[36:09 – 42:54] Wrapping Up!

  • Dr. Doug’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Dr. Doug


“You’re allowed to think, just not when you’re playing.” – Dr. Doug Cowan

“Always be thinking greater than your emotions.” – Dr. Doug Cowan

“More preparation. Less emotion.” – Dr. Doug Cowan

“Once emotions take over, you can’t talk yourself out of them. You need to use your body.” – Dr. Doug Cowan



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