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Ep.17 | Dr. Dharius Daniels | Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

Do you try to sweep your negative emotions under the rug?…hoping they’ll eventually disappear? We all do. It takes courage to look your fear and pain in the eye. Truth is, if you don’t, you’ll never be able to live your life to the fullest and consistently bring the best out of you, ESPECIALLY when it matters most.

Dr. Dharius Daniels comes on the show to help us confront our emotions, as well as teach us how to protect what and who’s important to us…all so we can experience more of the success we deserve. 

Dr. Dharius Daniels is one of the most prolific communicators of our day. He’s on a mission to help as many people as possible become their best selves while doing their best work. A speaker, coach, and certified emotional intelligence specialist, Dharius specializes in helping others self-optimize without self-destructing. He acquired his passion to add value to the lives of others at an early age growing up in a small town, Kilmichael, MS. Although the population was less than 700 residents, he was taught by his father that your enlightenment, not your environment, determines your outcomes. He was inspired to unleash his untapped potential while gaining his undergraduate degree from Millsaps College and post-graduate degrees from Princeton and Fuller.

With over 20 years of leadership experience, Dharius understands that right information can cause a comprehensive revolution. This passion for transformation inspired him to continue his writing career by releasing his most recent published book, Relational Intelligence: The People Skills You Need For The Life Of Purpose You Want. Dr. Dharius also emerged in the mentoring and coaching arena with the release of the Daniels Den Mentoring & Coaching Program which serves thousands of members.

In addition to his contributions in the field of speaking and coaching, Dharius continues to serve as Lead Pastor of the multi-site, and multi-regional, Change Church. He has also served as an adjunct professor at Princeton. He enjoys downtime with activities such as playing a round of golf or weight training. Dharius is married to his college sweetheart, Shameka, and they are the proud parents of two sons, Seth and Gabriel.

[00:01 – 17:13] Introducing Dr. Dharius to the Show

  • What inspired Dharius to transition from law school to entering the seminary
  • How Dharius’ dad was instrumental in helping him overcome his limiting beliefs
  • Why relationships are our most important assets

[17:14 – 39:59] The Keys to Life Success

  • Stuck in a rut? Here’s how you could get out.
  • The power of your why
  • How Dr. Dharius overcame his anxiety attack
  • How to determine your personal values in life
  • Dr. Dharius’ definition of success
  • Ways to deepen relationships that are often overlooked

[40:00 – 45:54] Wrapping up! 

  • Dr. Dharius’ BIG domino
  • How to connect with Dr. Dharius


“Don’t climb the ladder of success only to find out you climbed the wrong wall.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“When you become your best self, you can do your best work.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“It’s one thing to lead a driven life. It’s another thing to live a LED life.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“Sometimes things don’t move as fast as you want to because they’re happening as fast as they need to.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“If your WHY doesn’t make you CRY, the price of commitment will ALWAYS be too high.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“Don’t follow people who have the career you want. Follow people who have the LIFE you want.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“Your welfare and your well-being is not just determined by who you are, what you have, or what you can do…it’s determined by who you’re with.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels




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