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Ep.252 | Dr. Dharius Daniels | Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

Are your obstacles in life PERCEIVED or REAL?

To be honest, most of my biggest ones are perceived. I have a tendency to project so many *possible* scenarios and then next thing you know, I’ve put up the hurdle between my current position and my progress. 

I get into this in more depth with my brother and friend, Dr. Dharius Daniels.

Dharius is one of the most prolific communicators and leaders of our day and an emotional intelligence specialist who helps others self-optimize without self-destructing.

You’re going to LOVE today’s POWERFUL conversation between us on the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™️ show. Get ready to take some serious notes…

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What to do when you’re STUCK and don’t know how to get out.
  • How to protect the things important to you, ESPECIALLY when you get social status.
  • What to treat as your most valuable ASSET if you want to have a successful career and life.
  • The significance of patience in leadership and personal growth.
  • Dharius’ personal transformation journey, battling depression, and the influence of mentorship.
  • Strategies for overcoming stagnation and navigating life’s plateaus.
  • The importance of aligning one’s career and life with personal values and overcoming fear.
  • Exploring relational intelligence and how relationships shape mindset and success.
  • Dharius’ insights on treating relationships as the most valuable asset in life.


“Don’t climb the ladder of success only to find out you climbed the wrong wall.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“When you become your best self, you can do your best work.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“It’s one thing to lead a driven life. It’s another thing to live a LED life.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“Sometimes things don’t move as fast as you want to because they’re happening as fast as they need to.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“If your WHY doesn’t make you CRY, the price of commitment will ALWAYS be too high.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“Don’t follow people who have the career you want. Follow people who have the LIFE you want.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

“Your welfare and your well-being is not just determined by who you are, what you have, or what you can do…it’s determined by who you’re with.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels




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