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Ep.43 | Change Your Words. Change Your Life.

One minor change in your word choice can have a MAJOR impact on your psychology.

For years, J.R. “believed” a lot about himself and his circumstances, but he was still miserable and depressed.

But when he started substituting his “I believes” with “I knows,” a major shift occurred in his career, marriage, and life.

In today’s 5-Minute Drill, J.R. shares a POWERFUL strategy he personally uses and gives his clients. It will put your confidence on another level! 
If you want to 10x your career, relationships, and life, this Drill is for you! LET’S GET IT!

[00:03 – 07:32] Opening Segment

  • The dangerous gap between what you believe and what you know

[07:33 – 11:55] What’s The Drill?

  • Part 1 – Prepare two pieces of paper
    • Sheet #1: Your convictions
      • Fold it in half. 
      • At the top of the left column, write, “I know…”
      • At the top of the right column, write, “Because…”
    • Sheet #2: Your opportunities
      • Make three columns.
      • Column 1: I believe/think…
      • Column 2: What would have to be true for me to KNOW
      • Column 3: My first step is…
  • Part 2 – Identify your CONVICTIONS and your OPPORTUNITIES
    • Fill in each sheet of paper with your convictions and opportunities
    • With your opportunities, schedule time to complete each of your “first steps”

[11:56 – 15:06] Wrapping Up!

  • What’s coming up on the next episode 
  • Final words


“There’s a BIG difference between believing something and knowing something.” – J.R.

“Watch your words! Your confidence depends on them.” – J.R. 

“Try leaves room for excuses. Do makes room for execution.” – J.R.


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