Ep.260 | Brett Bartholomew | Treat Communication Like Gravity

I recently had the incredible opportunity to sit down with highly sought-after international consultant, mentor, and best-selling author, Brett Bartholomew. Brett candidly shares his personal journey of struggle and recovery, emphasizing the importance of conscious coaching, clear communication, and recognizing that life will always throw curveballs at us.

Our conversation digs into the complexities of trust, communication, and boundary-setting in relationships, offering valuable insights on how to determine who can truly be trusted in our lives. Brett also opens up about his own experiences with burnout and shares the strategies he’s employed to overcome and prevent it, and provides helpful advice for anyone looking to manage burnout.

Brett is a speaker, author, consultant, strength and conditioning coach, and founder of Art of Coaching. He’s worked with athletes ranging from youths to Olympians across 23 sports and has supported numerous Super Bowl and World Series Champions. As an advisor and entrepreneur, Brett has served as a supporting partner in the strategic growth of two separate performance companies. He is a highly sought-after consultant and mentor for many worldwide, and his work has been featured in numerous media outlets such as ESPN, FOX Sports, Inc. Magazine, and Outside Magazine. His book, Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In (Amazon), achieved bestseller status in the categories of “Sport Coaching” (#1) and “Business/Money” (#8) , and was ranked in the “Amazon Top 100 Books Overall” in 2017.

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn from Brett’s wealth of wisdom as we explore topics such as the dangers of tunnel vision and seeking control, building trust and communication in relationships, and managing burnout in leadership. If you want to communicate better, build more trust, and have greater influence, then lock in to today’s episode.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The dangers of tunnel vision and trying to control everything around us
  • How to build more trust with the people around you
  • How to prevent yourself from burning out
  • The myth of superhuman perfection


“Poor communication doesn’t just cost people results…it could cost them their lives.” – Brett Bartholomew

“When you seek control, your world gets small.” – Brett Bartholomew

“Relationships are a long-game and a process” – Brett Bartholomew

“There’s no cheat sheet for understanding people” – Brett Bartholomew

“More successful interventions are the result of more successful interactions.” – Brett Bartholomew

“When I set boundaries around my time, it was easier to determine who I can trust and who can’t be trusted.” – J.R.

“When you set boundaries, you’ll see who should be in your circle and who shouldn’t” – Brett Bartholomew

“Do the best you can to trim out micro moments.  Realize it’s gonna happen regardless, and you gotta just go with the flow and quit having this expectation that you’re gonna be perfect and not lose it sometimes, you’re human.” – Brett Bartholomew

“Communication is like gravity. It impacts everything around you and always will.” – Brett Bartholomew



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