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Ep.44 | Blake Brewer | The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Write

I couldn’t imagine watching my Dad die in front of me, especially as a teen.

And if that happened, I sure as heck don’t think I’d be able to tell the story over and over again, day in and day out, to thousands of complete strangers.

But that’s exactly what Legacy Letter Challenge Founder, Blake Brewer, is doing…

And it’s impacting thousands of Dads all across the world and forever changing their families, including mine.

🚨 Parents…ESPECIALLY you Dads reading this…    

Blake comes on the Coming Up Clutch with J.R.™ show today and shares his POWERFUL story of legacy.

❗️❗️This is a CAN’T MISS, MUST SHARE episode! ❗️❗️

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The power of our words and how they can hurt or help ourselves and our kids
  • How to increase our kids’ confidence, success, and emotional intelligence
  • The three things EVERY child needs to hear from their parents, especially their Dad

…and so much more.

Grab a pen, your notebook, and some Kleenex for this one. We get very real.

[00:01 – 12:08] Introducing Blake to the Show

  • Blake’s most embarrassing moment
  • Blake’s story of turning a tragedy into his daily mission

[12:09 – 24:54] The Power of a Father’s Voice

  • Recognize that your words to your kids can either PREVENT them from greatness or POSITION them for greatness
  • Have to affirm your children and let them know you’re proud of them
  • Watch your expectations you have for your children

[24:55 – 35:26] Why It’s Hard For A Father To Connect With His Children And Have A Voice That Can Be Heard in Today’s Culture

  • Your children need to hear your voice. AMPLIFY your voice. Your children need it.
  • We act out of our identity
    • Social media and peers can shape kid’s lives 
    • A kid’s confidence, successful, and emotional intelligence increases when identity is shaped by moms and dads – BEST way to do this is write a legacy letter to them
  • You have to see yourself as an amazing father

[35:27 – 37:38] The Three Things Every Child Needs to Hear From Their Dad

  • I love you (and it’s not conditional)
  • I’m proud of you (not proud of what you do, but who you are)
  • I believe in you

[37:39 – 44:09] Wrapping Up!

  • Blake’s BIG domino
  • How to connect with Blake


“You don’t want to get the end of life and say, ‘I missed it.’” – Blake Brewer

“Your children need to hear your voice.” – Blake Brewer

“Don’t be the limiting factor on what God wants to do with your family. Think bigger.” – Blake Brewer



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