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Ep.8 | Amy Wine | Stop Making These Mistakes in Your Relationships

In this value-packed episode, J.R. gets real with relationship therapist and award-winning business owner turned personal growth and business coach, Amy Wine. J.R. and Amy talk about the most common mistake high-powered people make in their relationships, what to do when you feel like you’re emotionally disconnected from your significant other, and Amy’s go-to strategy for helping high-achievers overcome an identity crisis and underperformance. Amy is beyond passionate about helping powerful leaders rediscover their authentic identity and soul purpose without losing connection to their big dreams, family, and spirit. 

Amy absolutely BROUGHT IT in this episode, and, in true Amy Wine fashion, did not hold back in dropping value bombs. So, make sure to stay locked in until the end. Let’s get it!

[00:01 – 12:08] Introducing Amy to the Show 

  • Amy’s most embarrassing moment
  • Amy’s shares her story of being a wild child to eventually finding her path 

[12:09 – 20:15] Strategies for Achieving Breakthroughs in Your Relationships

  • The most common mistake high powered people make in relationships
    • Hear what the other person is saying, look at what they’re NOT saying
    • Be intentional about…
      • Wanting your relationship to work
      • Taking responsibility for your junk
      • Stopping the blame game
      • Listening to your partner
    • Consider taking notes when interacting with the other person
  • How to get more emotionally connected to your significant other

[20:16 – 26:01] Addressing the Identity Crisis Among Women 

  • How to help your partner be clear on her identity 
  • Importance of letting your partner know she doesn’t need to put on a mask
  • Importance of confirming your partner’s confidence 
  • A woman’s identity crisis usually causes conflict in relationships 
  • Stop confusing identity with purpose 
    • Being firm with your core values
    • Committing to authentically live these values everyday

[26:02 – 33:28] Quick Advice for Engaged Couples and Parents

  • Advice for those who are engaged with high powered people 
    • Find a trusted third party you BOTH can count on, especially during conflict
    • Know your strengths and weaknesses in the relationship
  • Advice for couples who already have kids
    • Be as present as you can with your kids 

[33:29 – 40:19] Wrapping up! 

  • Check out Amy’s course (see link below)
  • Connect with Amy and listen to her podcast (links below)
  • Amy’s key takeaway


“Take responsibility for your junk.” – Amy Wine

“There’s less conflict in the relationship if the wife or girlfriend can figure out who they are, and be CONFIDENT in it.” – Amy Wine

“Achieving breakthroughs are easier said than done. But if you WANT them, you just go DO IT.” – Amy Wine

“If your values are conflicting in the beginning of the relationship, you need to know so you can either counteract the conflict, or figure out where it will affect you in the future.” – Amy Wine





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