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Ep.211 | 5 Minute Drill | We’re Called to Steward Our Life, Not Just Our Luxuries

God has the ability to provide you and me with unlimited doses of unmerited favor. And he does. It’s an absolute gift. But speaking of gifts…

How are you using yours?

In today’s 5 Minute Drill, I’m going to talk about stewardship. This is another one of those things in life that we hear a lot about, but most people gloss over. I know I glossed over it for years. If I’m not careful, I still get caught in the gloss over trap. The reality is, we’re called to steward more than our money and, when we do, we experience more favor and more blessing.

If you want more favor and blessing in your life and career, then make sure to lock in to today’s Drill.


[00:01- 10:01] Opening Segment

  • J.R. shares a story about a coaching session he had with a group of CEOs that brought up the topic of stewardship 

[10:02 – 11:28] What’s The Drill?

  • STEP 1: Write down all the important areas of your life. Areas like your spiritual life (includes your church, your small groups), your physical, emotional, and mental health, your finances, your relationships, your community, etc.
  • STEP 2: Rate yourself. On a scale from 1 to 10, how well are you stewarding your resources? 1 = not at all, 10 = you’re stewarding it in the best possible way you can.
  • STEP 3: For any area that’s below a 10, ask the question, “What would it take to +1 your score in the next week?”
  • STEP 4: Pick the area that you’re most passionate about improving, take the answer you gave above in STEP 3, and make it happen. Make your move.

[11:29 – 13:29] Wrapping Up!

  • What’s coming up on the next episode 
  • Final words 


“You can’t be a faithful steward of God’s grace if you’re using your gifts to serve yourself.” – J.R.


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