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Ep.243 | 5 Minute Drill | Renew Your Mind with Labels

How often do you overlook how the negative parts of your day (or career) are affecting your relationships?

This is real. Us humans go on autopilot more often than we want to admit. And, in many cases, it’s giving all the negativity around us a free runway to wreak havoc on our most important relationships. 

In today’s 5 Minute Drill, I’m going to share a strategy that’s been a game changer for me and my clients when it comes to interacting with people, ESPECIALLY in those situations when you’re tired, exhausted, or just don’t want to be interacting with people after a rough day. So, if you’re someone who sometimes gets short with people after a rough day, then this episode is for you.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Insights from an actual client strategy session about managing negative reactions and improving interpersonal communication.
  • The impact positive labels have on your neurochemistry, stress reduction, and psychological resilience.
  • The neuroscience behind applying positive labels to people you interact with.
  • The strategy to help in those situations when you’re tired, exhausted, or just don’t want to be interacting with people after a rough day.


“If you’re not careful, living on autopilot can give the negativity around you a free runway to wreak havoc on your most important relationships.” – J.R.


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