Ep.193 | 5 Minute Drill | Put Your People in the Right Position

There’s a big difference between spending time with someone and counting on them to come through for you and your future. 

Sadly, too many people are putting others in trusted positions that can adversely affect their future. Are you, too?

In today’s 5 Minute Drill, I’m going to help you figure out how to determine if you have the right people in the right positions on your personal and professional team.

If you want more people in your life and career that are coming through for you when it matters, then make sure to lock in to today’s Drill.


[00:01- 04:40] Opening Segment

  • J.R. shares a personal story about how he put the right person in the wrong position in his life

[04:41 – 10:08] What’s The Drill?

  • STEP 1: get clear on what positions you want on your team.
  • STEP 2: for EACH position, list out the 4-5 key responsibilities that whoever you have in that position must be able to carry out at a high level.
  • STEP 3: audit them through the VIP filter – does he VALUE the position (that’s the V)? IS he with you no matter what the circumstances (that’s the I)? Does he push you to excel (that’s the P)? These three traits are NON-NEGOTIABLE. So, if you answer NO to any one of those questions, you have them out of position.

[10:09 – 13:29] Wrapping Up!

  • What’s coming up on the next episode 
  • Final words 


“Just because you can hang with certain people doesn’t mean you should be hanging your future on them.” – J.R.


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