Ep.97 | 5 Minute Drill | Protect Yourself and Your Money from Opinions

There’s a key distinction between opinions, wisdom, and advice. Gosh, I wish I would’ve learned this 20 years ago…

I know I would’ve made a lot more sound decisions, especially around money.

In today’s 5-Minute Drill, I’m going to help you see the difference between them, as well as share a strategy for helping you protect yourself and your money from the trap of opinions.

If you want to make sure your decisions around money are more consistently based on facts and wisdom, then lock in to today’s Drill. 


[00:01 – 10:04] Opening Segment

  • J.R. shares a story about how he got caught up in listening to too many voices and opinions

[10:05 – 12:46] What’s The Drill? 

  • Step 1: Whose opinions are you valuing too much of right now? Why?
  • Step 2: Whose wisdom and advice are you not valuing enough of right now? Why?
  • Step 3: What’s ONE thing you’re going to do about it? Why?
  • Step 4: Who’s going to hold you accountable to that? Why?

[12:47 – 14:49] Wrapping Up!

  • What’s coming up on the next episode 
  • Final words 


“Wisdom and advice are based on facts and truth…opinions are based on philosophies and selfish perspectives.” – J.R. 


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