Ep.49 | 5 Minute Drill | Prioritize Your Week. Propel Your Life.

Intentionality = the fact of being DELIBERATE or PURPOSIVE.


How purposeful are you with your priorities? 

How deliberate are you with your calendar?

Is there even a connection between your priorities and your calendar? 

Dang right there is. 

A STRONG one. 

Show me someone with priorities dominating their calendar, and I’ll show you someone who’s well on their way to unlocking their best. 

In today’s 5-Minute Drill, I share a strategy that will create more headspace in your life and get you one step closer to your ultimate best.

More headspace = more mental energy that you can devote to your skills and gifts…

To your craft…

To the things and people that matter most to you!

If you want access to this so you can unlock the best in your life, don’t miss out on this drill!


[00:03 – 04:53] Opening Segment

  • What’s crucial if you really want to unlock the best of you on and off your Field of Play

[04:54 – 13:56] What’s The Drill? Introduction to the Clutch Calendar™ 

  • #1: Grab two pieces of paper, or an Excel or Google doc
    • Sheet #1: write out all of your ideal daily or regular routines and how long each routine takes, starting with your ideal Wake-up Routine, and Bedtime Routine (if you don’t have one, create one). 
    • You may also have things like an ideal workday shutdown or gameday shutdown routine, etc.
  • #2: On Sheet #2, list out the IDEAL times you’re up in the day (this is the framework of your Clutch Calendar™)
    • For example: if you want to get to bed at 10PM and get 8 hours of sleep, in the left margin of that sheet, list every hour of your day, starting with 6AM and ending with 10PM.
  • #3: Plug each routine into your calendar
    • IDEALLY, where do you want each of your routines to fit in your day? Plug them in where you want.

[13:57 – 16:44] Wrapping up!

  • What’s coming up on the next episode 
  • Final words


“Without a prioritized schedule, other people will insert THEIR priorities on your schedule.” – J.R.

“Your most important priorities in your schedule are your routines.” – J.R. 

“The stronger your routines, the more intention you have in life.” – J.R. 

“Intentionality goes a LONG way when it comes to peak performance.” – J.R.


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