Ep.169 | 5 Minute Drill | Make the Shift from Time Lost to Time Left

Feeling stuck is not an acceleration issue. It’s an alignment issue.

This quote is loaded. 

But it’s the truth. A HARD truth I had to swallow once I woke up to it. 

So many times we think things aren’t moving fast enough in our careers and lives, but in reality, our pace is our pace because we’re thinking, believing, and making decisions that are misaligned with our identity, values, and purpose.

I’m telling you from firsthand experience – this is a hard truth to swallow, but as soon as you accept this paradigm shift, WATCH OUT!

It’s a jolt of clarity, energy, and HOPE. 

In today’s 5 Minute Drill, we’re going to make a perspective shift. I’ve said it over and over again – there’s a reason the windshield of a car is bigger than the rearview mirror. I unpack that even further in today’s episode.

If you want to make the most of your time and be in alignment with your desired future, then make sure to lock in to today’s Drill.


[00:01 – 09:59] Opening Segment

  • J.R. gives some context and shares a story about recovery and the science behind it

[10:00 – 12:12] What’s The Drill?

Schedule some introspective time to answer this question:

Based on who you are today and who you’re becoming in the future, what’s possible for your __________ (e.g. family, business, career, etc.), with the time you have left?

[13:03 – 14:43] Wrapping Up!

  • What’s coming up on the next episode 
  • Final words 


“Feeling stuck is not an acceleration issue. It’s an alignment issue.” – J.R.


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