Ep.55 | 5 Minute Drill | Is Your Calendar the Missing Link to Your Confidence?

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I wish I had more time for ________.”

What’s in your blank?…




Improving what I do for a living?

I was living the “I wish” life on the daily not too long ago.

And if I’m being honest, that statement still creeps in every once in a while.

Bottom line, if I’m not intentional about my calendar and structuring it in a way that serves me, those I WISHes come around more often. 

In today’s 5-Minute Drill, I continue my 4-Part Series on creating your Clutch Calendar. When you lock into today’s strategy, you’ll feel more in control, more confident, and start seeing direct results in your life and career…

You’ll feel a greater sense of self-worth and freedom…

Your levels of focus and energy will get a major upgrade.

You want that. I want that for you. So, check out today’s Drill.


[00:03 – 17:22] Opening Segment

  • Overview of the Clutch Calendar™ Process we’ve been working on the past few 5 Minute Drills
  • The benefits of adding focal points and themes to your calendar

[17:23 – 19:48] What’s The Drill? Part 3 of the Clutch Calendar™ Design Process

  • Step 1 – Create your focus areas and identify what times of the day they belong in
  • Step 2 – Create your themes – 3 to 5 is usually the sweet spot for both
  • Step 3 – With your Zone Exercise from last week in front of you and the work from today, categorize which zones fall under what daily themes.

[19:49 – 21:14] Wrapping up!

  • What’s coming up on the next episode 
  • Final words


“The less thinking you have to do about everyday tasks and decisions, the more focus and energy you could put towards your craft, passions, and the people you love.” – J.R.

“Whenever you say YES to something, you say NO to something else.” – J.R. 

“Don’t underestimate the power of your calendar and how it can help you come up clutch more often on every field of play you’re on. ” – J.R.


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