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Ep.184 | 5 Minute Drill | Go Big or Go Home

What’s possible if you expand your possibilities?…

Dream a little bigger?…

Put a 10x in front of that goal you have?

In today’s 5 Minute Drill, I make sure that you’re still thinking and playing big. I want to make sure you’re tapping into all the advantages you get when your brain is forced to process something extraordinary.

If you want to more consistently leverage your gifts and the great people around you, then make sure to lock in to today’s Drill.


[00:01 – 05:39] Opening Segment

  • J.R. shares the power of having BIG goals

[05:40 – :23] What’s The Drill?

  • STEP 1: Get a copy of your goals
  • STEP 2: Pick the one goal that means the most to you right now
  • STEP 3: Put a multiplier on that goal – make it bigger
  • STEP 4: With that multiplied goal in front of you, ask, “what would have to be true for you to hit this goal?” See what comes out of that, then ACT on it!

[12:13 – 13:53] Wrapping Up!

  • What’s coming up on the next episode 
  • Final words 


“When you think in terms of what’s possible, you unlock the gifts inside of you and the people who are truly beside you.” – J.R.


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