I founded two companies that help you do just that.


As a Professional EOS® Implementer and Business Coach, I help business owners and leadership teams implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) – a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.

Implementing EOS helps organizations do three things well. I call them Vision, Traction, and Healthy.



Getting your leaders 100% on the same page with where your business is going and how it’s going to get there.


Helping your leaders become more disciplined and accountable, executing well to achieve every part of your vision.


Helping your leaders to become a healthy, functional, cohesive leadership team because, unfortunately, most teams are NOT.


Some of the companies I’ve shared the EOS Tools with:

Key Partners:


The Academy of Impact is my passion project.

I assembled an experienced team that includes former Division 1 athletes, a top-rated performance coach, mental conditioning coach for MLB, NFL, and Olympic athletes, former CEO and Professor of Leadership, and a former US Naval Officer.

Through speaking engagements and workshops, we equip and empower entrepreneurs, young professionals, students, and athletes to design their path of self-defined purpose, superior performance, and positive influence.

We take pride in helping our audience live empowered, resilient, and influential lives.

My Key Partners:  




Heart for influencing others

Willing to be vulnerable



Drive for greatness

Ability to smile





That's a lot, I know. But, I work best with people who are like me.