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The Sneaky Six: 6 Traps Preventing Athletes from Reaching Their Highest Sustained Potential

The cold hard truth: a professional or Olympic sports career is temporary at most. 

The bottom line: if you can’t compete consistently at the highest level, you’re not going to stick in the pros very long.

In this video, I share the six traps that prevent athletes from reaching their highest sustained potential and the warning signs that parents can’t ignore.

Here’s a quick snapshot from the video:

  • “many parents are ignoring the warning signs that will cut their athlete’s career short, regardless of athletic talent or skill.”
  • “The athletes who stay clear of these six traps are THRIVING…the Drew Brees and Tom Brady types. The Mike Trouts.”
  • “…for over two decades, I’ve watched the Sneaky Six hang around an athlete’s career disguised…”
  • “If you do something after noticing these six warning signs given off by your aspiring college or pro athlete, you’re giving them the best chance to thrive in a sports world where most are just trying to survive.”

And If you’re a parent who not only wants to help your athlete get closer to their dream, but also deepen your relationship with them, this video is especially for you!


“He has a deep sense of purpose, he knows where his true north is, and it’s obvious that he loves his
family and has his priorities straight...and I don’t know what the future holds, but WOW.”– Michael Hyatt, World-Renowned Leadership Mentor
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