I’m J.R.

I’m on a mission to empower high-performers to live joyfully, lead intentionally, and win frequently - at home, on the field, with their teams, in business and in life!!

Everyday, I get to leverage my roles as an athlete, entrepreneur, and family man, as well as nearly 25 years coaching high-performers in organizations such as:



We all have hurdles that slow us down. The greatest high-performers have the tools and habits needed to jump them. I can help you discover yours through a proven process that has helped numerous high-performers advance to new levels.


YOU CAN have heightened and sustained levels of performance

Just because you feel like you tried everything and got nowhere doesn’t mean you’re stuck. After just three coaching sessions with me, you and/or your team will:

  • Lay the foundation for intentional growth and impact

  • Reach your most important goals in less time

  • Clarify and simplify your vision

  • Enjoy increased levels of clarity, energy, necessity, courage, productivity, and influence


My Partners




Sometimes all it takes is a story of triumph or struggle and some practical tools to move people to action. When I speak, I:

  • Openly share decades of wins and losses as an athlete, entrepreneur, and family man

  • Give your audience simple, practical tools to get up and move towards desired outcomes

  • Encourage your audience to stretch beyond their comfort zones