Comprehending the need for growth and change

Knowing that there are areas of growth is key to actually getting healthy. Many organizations have these problems, such as lacking clear vision, recurring employee/vendor/client issues, fear around transfer of ownership, being stuck in status quo, and more. We need to find them and clearly understand them. Then, as quickly and seamlessly as possible, we need to get you and your team moving in the healthiest of directions so your path to traction in your business—to achieve your vision—becomes real, quickly.



Understanding the coaching process

Our time together will be simple, integrated, and powerful. It starts with a Focus Day, when we take the temperature of your organization to find out where you're at—including where your strengths and weaknesses reside. Next up is 2–Day Vision Building, when we discuss core values, core focus, future goals, organization issues, and more. Finally we'll have Quarterly Pulse Checks, when we evaluate how you're doing in regards to focus, team health, quarterly rocks, issue solving, using your key tools, accountability, and where you're gaining traction. The fourth pulse check will be an Annual Planning Meeting that further assesses organizational health.


Achieve your vision

My investment in you is one that guarantees you'll be equipped, empowered, engaged, and significant. As a result, you'll be better positioned to make an impact on your family, community, and the marketplace. And as your team works with greater clarity, your purpose—in business and in life—will come to life in wonderful ways.