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The Truth About Pitch Count

What Every Parent Must Know and Do About It

Have an 8-18 year old baseball athlete and care about their body, mental well-being, and dreams?

Know someone who does?

Most parents and athletes are misinformed. Don’t be one of them.

Summary of this video:

[3:43] – Where you can get more of your questions answered

[5:06] – My medical sources (for purposes of this video)

[7:17] – Alarming stats that you need to be aware of

[10:52] – The three (3) variables most parents aren’t considering when it comes to throwing the max number of pitches

[13:40] – The pitching formula you should seriously consider in 2019 (& why not every pitcher is prepared to throw the max number of allowed pitches)

[16:40] – The risks if we keep pushing our athletes too far

[17:17] – The seven (7) common objections I’m hearing about pitch counts, guidelines, etc. (and my answer to them)

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