Why I Coach Businesses

I was one of those suffering through life in a company that was difficult to work for. I was miserable, which I brought home with me. I was a horrible husband, dad, and friend. But I’m so grateful I was saved from that by some people and principles that really, honestly helped change my life. These days, I am thrilled to work and empower people in similar circumstances. I, quite simply, hear too many such stories and I want so desperately to help those men and women.

What I Bring To Your Business

I bring to you a heart for equipping and empowering people, plus a mind for understanding how to make that work. This comes from my strategies in law, operations, and consulting. I connect with my clients rather quickly in business, but also on levels beyond business. This is a by-product of my faith, authenticity, and the things I’ve learned as a father, as well as my experiences dealing with setbacks, personal loss, and naysayers. Because of this, I become part of your team that brings trust, encouragement to adhere to purpose, and convictions, and challenge to get traction in business and work life. I invest in my clients and we dig in together—the results of which could mean dollar-impact on net growth and lives being positively impacted through the people in those organizations.


Core Values

  • Love everyone, always.

  • Be bold enough to enter difficult situations.

  • Care for yourself.

  • Give without asking for return.

  • Steward well your time, talents, treasures.


Use strategic, relational coaching to help business owners, leadership teams, and athletes get traction in their organizations and lives so they can ignite lasting, meaningful impact on their families, communities, and the marketplace.


See all businesses working to their greatest, most positive effect to empower their customers and help bring life to all affiliated people. I hope I can help hundreds of businesses get traction and realize their visions and that they would , in turn, inspire others to create a better world.


Unlock the massive potential flowing under the surface of teams so they can operate from their greatest strength to do the most good.