Where I Come From

I graduated from the University of Iowa, where I also was a collegiate athlete. I started my professional career as a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley in Arizona, where I was mentored by some of the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs in sports and business. I worked with professional athletes, business owners, millionaire entrepreneurs, and more. There I became a leader in the community, mentoring for Life Teen, serving as a Committee Member on the Fiesta Bowl, and helping the Arizona Diamondbacks with their Youth Camps, Coaches Clinics, and Investor Clinics. It was also in Arizona where I met my wife (Jessica), tapped into my entrepreneurial spirit, and started my own financial and business consulting practice.

But I wanted more schooling to round-out my perspective in the business world and in 2013, I received my Juris Doctorate and MBA from Louisiana State University, and my law review article was published by Arizona State University Law School. While in Baton Rouge, I did pro bono strategy consulting for Marucci Sports and helped it operate more efficiently. I also mentored elite LSU student-athletes and guided them in designing their academic and postgraduate game plans. The “goal-setting” activities we completed together helped them create the foundation for their personal brands. After my time in Baton Rouge, I was sworn into the State Bar of Texas and expanded my reach to athletes and entrepreneurs.

Since then, I’ve been leaning into coaching and consulting with businesses for their growth. I’ve loved every minute of it and I’m excited about continuing to empower people to be their best and run their businesses the best they can!

Why I Exist

I long to live well and to help people live better lives. In my own life, that means I will do anything for my beautiful wife and children and that my greatest desire is to honor and serve God with all I have. As it extends to others, and because I have a natural bent for the business world, I use my skills in business management, law, interpersonal relationships, and coaching to help the people in businesses can ignite a lasting, meaningful impact on their families, communities, and the marketplace.

Why I Coach Businesses

I was one of those suffering through life in a company that was difficult to work for. And I was miserable, which I brought that home with me. I was a horrible husband, dad, etc. But I was saved from that from some simple people and principles that really, honestly helped change my life. These days, I am thrilled to work and empower people in similar circumstances. I, quite simply, hear too many such stories and I want so desperately to help those men and women.

What I Bring To Your Business

A heart for equipping and empowering people + a mind for understanding how to make that work. I connect with my clients rather quickly in business, but also on levels beyond business. This is a by-product of my faith, authenticity, and the things I’ve learned as a father, as well as my experiences dealing with setbacks, personal loss, and naysayers. Because of this, I become part of your team that brings trust, encouragement to adhere to purpose and convictions, and challenge to get traction in business and work life. I invest in my clients and we dig in together—the results of which could mean dollar-impact on net growth or it could mean lives being positively impacted through the people in those organizations.