The return could mean millions of lives being positively impacted through them. Whether I’m working with an entrepreneur, leadership team, or athlete that wants to launch to a new level – we dig in…TOGETHER.

I connect with my clients, rather quickly, on levels beyond business. This ability is a by-product of my faith, fatherhood, authenticity, humility, and humor, as well as my experiences dealing with setbacks, personal loss, and naysayers as an entrepreneur and former Division 1 athlete. Because of this connection, I become part of the team. As a result, our journey begins with a great deal of trust.

On our journey, I challenge my clients to identify their purpose and convictions. I help them get traction and align with their vision, mission, and goals. I keep everything that's going on organized, but flexible, to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

The journey is not easy. But, as my clients will tell you, I keep it real, simple, fun, and results-oriented. I’m always the first one to encourage and put my arm around them during a setback, and order up a round of celebratory drinks after a big goal is accomplished. It’s my duty to be there for them and I take that duty seriously.

Bottom line, our work together is a partnership. I’m doing what I love and do best to help them do what they love and do best, so they can ignite a lasting, meaningful impact on their families, communities, and the marketplace.


My journey has been no walk in the park.

However, I credit my faith, family, personal losses, career hurdles, and endless hours of self-discovery and professional development for giving me the platform I have today.


Chapter 1:  How I Got Started

After I completed my college degree and athletic career at the University of Iowa, I left the Midwest for Scottsdale, Arizona to start my professional career as a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley. Moving to Arizona impacted my life in such a profound way.  I built deep friendships with and was mentored by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders in sports and business. I got to work with inspiring clients that ranged from professional athletes to business owners to millionaire entrepreneurs. I became a leader in the community, mentoring for Life Teen, serving as a Committee Member on the Fiesta Bowl, and helping the Arizona Diamondbacks with their Youth Camps, Coaches Clinics, and Investor Clinics. It was also in Arizona where I met my wife (Jessica), tapped into my entrepreneurial spirit, and started my own financial and business consulting practice. Life was great.  Until some “unthinkables” happened…

Chapter 2:  Challenging Times

In a six-month stretch starting in June 2008, the financial markets took a beating, I contracted pneumonia, and I received a chilling call from my mom telling me she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. In a flash, life became fragile and my own immortality became a reality. At the same time, I began to recognize just how distracted entrepreneurs and athletes were. They failed to recognize their true identities and the rare platforms they had to make an impact on the world. It overwhelmed me. It also distracted me. This overwhelm and distraction prevented my creativity and natural abilities to coach, teach, facilitate, and motivate from reaching their full potential. My career momentum flat lined. It was the wake up call I needed. It forced me to “dig in” and determine my purpose in life. I was called to equip and empower. Doing so as a consultant and financial advisor was just not enough. So, Jessica and I followed that call and moved to Baton Rouge to begin the next chapter of our lives and my career…

Chapter 3:  Victories

In 2013, I received my Juris Doctorate and Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University (LSU), as well as had my law review article published by Arizona State University Law School. During my J.D. and M.B.A. studies, my entrepreneurial spirit was on overdrive! I thrived in (and loved!) my classes related to Marketing, Brand Management, and Intellectual Property. While in Baton Rouge, I did pro bono strategy consulting for Marucci Sports and helped it operate more efficiently. I also mentored elite LSU student-athletes and guided them in designing their academic and post-graduate game plans. The “goal-setting” activities we completed together helped them create the foundation for their personal brands.

After my time in Baton Rouge, I was sworn into the State Bar of Texas and expanded my reach to athletes and entrepreneurs. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to LSU Alum and ultra-successful entrepreneur, James Ballengee. He and his wife started a new sports agency and wanted to be different. The Ballengee’s were tired of the “norm” in the representation industry – the business model was the same as it was 30 years ago. They quickly recognized my passion for and natural abilities to help businesses gain traction and realize their vision, and asked me to get involved and help them turn their story and success into a powerful brand.

Chapter 4:  Today


J. Reid Group:

I created the J. Reid Group to help business owners, leadership teams, and athletes:  1.) Get traction in their organizations and lives, 2.) clarify, simply, and achieve their visions, and 3.) ignite a lasting, meaningful impact on their families, communities, and the marketplace. I am able to accomplish all three as a professional EOS® Implementer and Business Coach.

J. Reid Group's Key Partners:


Academy of Impact:

The Academy of Impact is my passion project. I started it because I have a heart for equipping and empowering people. The Academy of Impact’s mission is to place entrepreneurs, young professionals, students, and athletes on a path of self-defined purpose, superior performance, and positive influence. We take pride in helping them design empowered, resilient, and influential lives!

Academy of Impact's Key Partners:


Chapter ______ :  Future

My envisioned future is quite clear: I see myself having helped hundreds of businesses and athletes get traction and realize their visions. These businesses and athletes, in turn, have inspired others, changed lives, and disrupted the norm. Their collective impact has reached millions.

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.

-Jackie Robinson


My life (in pictures)